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Discover log cabins

You want to spend your wedding in a cottage? Choose a large cottage in the Laurentians, ideal for gathering with your loved ones for one of the most important events of your life. ChateauAlyma is the ideal cottage for your wedding reception. It has a large spa, a small private lake, as well as a very large common room where it is possible to gather for the occasion. This large cottage for rent is not made of logs, but the quality of the high-end materials will certainly allow you to fully enjoy your stay in nature.

Enjoy an intimate cottage

Enjoy an intimate cottage for your wedding by renting a fully equipped luxury manor in the Laurentians. ChateauAlyma's 11 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms can comfortably accommodate up to 50 guests. Whether you wish to have your wedding in winter or summer, this four-season cottage has all the attributes necessary for a memorable reception. For a wider selection, check out all our cottages for rent.