Cottages for rent for 40 people

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For a corporate event

Renting a chalet for 40 people is perfect for organizing a corporate event or a team building stay. If your company needs to review its medium and long term objectives with its key employees, why not organize this event in a rental chalet designed for large groups?

Features and equipment of a corporate chalet

In a chalet rental for 40 people, your team will find everything it needs to work in an environment that is conducive to concentration. In fact, cottages for rent for 40 people generally include

an overhead projector

a high-speed Internet connection

a Bluetooth sound system

a conference room

numerous rooms for each employee

For a wedding reception or special event

Renting a 40-person cottage is ideal for organizing a wedding or special event. Renting a 40-person cottage makes it easy to organize your event with a variety of services and amenities. A corporate chalet or a chalet for 40 people allows you to host a chef at home and benefit from personalized services: DJ on site, caterer, show, art gallery reception, etc...