Waterfall near Québec city (The 6 bests)

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Québec City, with its pristine natural beauty, hosts a plethora of stunning waterfalls that promise a delightful experience to nature enthusiasts, photographers, adventurers, and landscape admirers.

The uniqueness of each waterfall is an invitation to explore, especially when nestled in a cozy chalet in the heart of Québec. 😌

Discover these natural wonders and get ready to be enchanted!

Brief of what will be covered in this article

  1. Canyon Sainte-Anne Falls

  2. Delaney Falls

  3. Montmorency Falls

  4. Kabir Kouba Falls

  5. Jean-Larose Falls

  6. Chaudière Falls

1. The Grandeur of Canyon Sainte-Anne Falls

Embark on a journey through time at Canyon Sainte-Anne Falls.

Witness the awe-inspiring cascade of Sainte‑Anne‑du‑Nord River as it plunges from a magnificent height of over 243 feet at Canyon Sainte-Anne Falls. Traverse the scenic pathways flanking the canyon, crossing three suspended bridges that offer a thrilling peek into the ancient abyss below. With rockfaces dating back an astonishing 1.2 billion years, this geological wonder is a marvel to behold and is accessible for individuals with reduced mobility.

2. The Scenic Delight of Delaney Falls

Find your peace amid the scenic splendor of Delaney Falls.

Nestled in the serene Vallée Bras-du-Nord, Delaney Falls is a haven for outdoor aficionados. The 8-kilometer journey from the starting point can be covered on foot or by bicycle, along the tranquil river. Paddle leisurely down the Bras-du-Nord River, absorbing the picturesque vistas of Delaney Falls set against a backdrop of majestic mountains. Canoeing or kayaking, choose your adventure!

3. The Majestic Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls—a monumental beauty waiting to be explored.

A stone's throw from Québec City, the grandiose Montmorency Falls stands tall at 83 meters, outshining Niagara Falls by nearly 100 feet. Montmorency Falls Park is a treasure trove of activities for families—ride the cable car to the summit, challenge yourself on the Ferrata cableway along the rock face, or revel in the winter spectacle of the ice cone, known as a sugar loaf or pain de sucre, formed by the falls’ mist.

4. The Mystical Kabir Kouba Falls

Unravel the mysteries of nature at Kabir Kouba Falls.

At the confluence of the fertile soil of the Lower St. Lawrence River and the Canadian Shield lies the picturesque Kabir Kouba Falls. Venture along the 1.5km trail by the Saint-Charles River, discovering glacial rocks, deep potholes, and ancient fossils. Explore Wendake and delve into the rich traditions of the Huron-Wendat people.

5. The Hidden Gem: Jean-Larose Falls

Discover the untouched beauty of Jean-Larose Falls.

Nestled at the base of the Mont-Sainte-Anne ski area, the Jean-Larose Falls is a mesmerizing triad with its main drop cascading from a height of 41 meters. Descend the 350 steps to reach this hidden gem, with rest stops ensuring a comfortable trek. Adventurous souls can try canyoning or take a 22-feet plunge into the waterfall basin.

6. The Tranquil Chaudière Falls

Soak in nature’s tranquility at Chaudière Falls.

Offering a serene retreat, Chaudière Falls presents breathtaking views from various lookout points and a suspended bridge. With ample picnic spots and 4.5 km of trails, it's a perfect day-out spot. Extend your adventure on the Parcours des Anses bike path starting in Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, leading to Lévis, with captivating views of Québec City and the St. Lawrence River.


Québec City’s enchanting waterfalls are a testament to the region’s unspoiled beauty. From the towering Montmorency Falls to the serene Chute Jean-Larose, each waterfall offers a unique blend of adventure, tranquility, and scenic beauty. With a myriad of activities like hiking, swimming, and camping, every visit promises a memorable experience.

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📍 Date: november 3, 2023

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