Top 5 Things to Discover in Outaouais

Date: December 6th 2020
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Located in the western part of the province of Quebec and neighbouring Ontario, the Outaouais covers an area of nearly 35,000 square kilometers. Whether it's for a week or a weekend, the Outaouais is full of great activities to discover.

Warm and welcoming, the region will charm the most avid outdoor enthusiasts, but also the gourmets who wish to live a gastronomic experience from the soil to the plate.

1) Breathe the Fresh Air in Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park, also known as the lungs of Outaouais, covers an area of 361 square kilometers. Accessible in summer and winter, there are numerous outdoor activities offered during the day in Gatineau Park. In summer, you can go hiking, mountain biking, climbing, horseback riding and kayaking. In addition to offering a bike rental service on site, the park's mountain bike trails are suitable for cyclists of all levels. Those who enjoy winter activities will also be well served. More than 60 different trails crisscross the park and can be explored by cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and even winter biking.

If you would like to know more about Gatineau Park, just click the link to visit its website!


2) Recharge Your Batteries in the Heart of a Nordic Spa

Need a break during these uncertain times? Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea, known as the largest spa in North America, is a turnkey option for rejuvenation in an intimate and enveloping setting. Whatever the reason for your visit, your wellness remains the main theme. You will find nine saunas with distinct callings, a panoramic pool, a floating saltwater pool and an exfoliation room. All unique facilities!

Go to the Nordik Spa-Nature de Chelsea website to book your relaxing experience in nature.

3) Experience an exceptional hunting and fishing expedition in the controlled harvesting zone of the Bras-Coupé-Désert

Surrounded by peaceful nature, the Bras-Coupé-Désert ZEC is a playground for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Immersed in the most complete nature, the chances are slim that you will not come across a white-tailed deer, a wild turkey, or a moose (or even a black bear, who knows?) during your excursion! The Bras-Coupé-Désert ZEC can be explored by the most seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, on water or on land. Whether you are here for outdoor activities or for hunting and fishing, you will find all the necessary equipment for rent. Boats and hunting accessories are also available for rent, although it is also possible to access the site to enjoy mushroom and wild fruit picking season.

Discover Zone d’exploitation contrôlée Bras-Coupé-Désert and all its facets right here!

4) Discover the world of natural wines at Soif du Vieux-Hull

Are you curious about biodynamics and natural winemaking? If so, go to the heart of Old Hull, on Montcalm Street, at the Soif wine bar. Ran by a team of passionate sommeliers, the place stands out because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whatever preferences you may have, just consult the wine list concocted by award-winning sommelier Véronique Rivest. Purists may not like it, but Le Soif does not give way to the pretentiousness associated with the world of wine, instead fuelling the sharing and pleasure of true drinking.

For further information and to discover the menu and wines, visit the Soif Bar à Vin website here.


5) Beer Tasting at the Brasseurs du Temps Microbrewery

You prefer beer to wine? No problem! Also on Montcalm Street, you will have the pleasure of finding the very first microbrewery in Old Hull. The bar Les Brasseurs du Temps stands out by offering you a cultural and gourmet experience. At the same address, you will find a restaurant, a bar and a museum. Whether it's your first visit or not, Les Brasseurs Du Temps will offer you something new every time. Always brewed with quality ingredients, the 17 craft beers offered by Les Brasseurs du Temps will satisfy beer lovers one mug at a time.

Find further information about Les Brasseurs du Temps  by visiting their website!