Rent a Dog-Friendly chalet

Date: March 12th 2020
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The idea of going to a cottage for the weekend has been on your mind for some time: to get out of your weekly routine, enjoy the fresh air, build a campfire, put on your hiking boots to climb a mountain... in short, take the time to disconnect from everyday life and live in the moment!

The plan seems perfect, with one exception: you have a dog! You tell yourself that finding a cottage that accepts dogs is quite a challenge and that, as far as activities are concerned, it limits your choices of dragging your loyal companion! Sending him to boarding for the weekend is too much of a logistical challenge, so the project keeps getting postponed. But what is it really?

A weekend at the cottage is not a weekend without our favorite companions!

While it is true that many cottages do not allow dogs, it is very easy to find cottages that do, regardless of your budget! As for the activities you can do with your dog, let's just say that you won't be bored!

Renting a cottage in Charlevoix with your dog

If you think that cottages, where dogs are accepted, are of lower quality or very expensive, think again! You will find cottages that accept dogs, no matter what level of luxury your dog is looking for (and that makes you happy).

Starting at $250 per night, the Abri-230 cottage accepts your dog!

Renting a dog-friendly cottage means enjoying the same facilities as any other luxury cottage: barbecue, fireplace, terrace with spa, and exceptional view. Abri-230 is a great example of affordable luxury for you and your dog!

Located just a few minutes from the trails of Le Massif de Charlevoix, you will be able to hike the 11.5 km of Le Massif's trails, visit the village of Baie-Saint-Paul, sip a glass of wine in the hot tub and finish the evening by the fire. All this in the company of your dog. Relaxation and memories are guaranteed for all guests, whether they have two or four legs!

Chalet, Road trip and Cocooning in Charlevoix with your Dog!

Bundling up at the cottage with your dog for the weekend is nothing to be ashamed of!

Do you feel like having a weekend off, i.e. a weekend of NOTHING to do with your dog? There's no shame in that! Some cottages are particularly conducive to cocooning!

Chalet Beausejour-227 offers a spa, a full game room and excellent wifi (for Netflix...)!

If the desire to go on a road trip with Fido with nothing but a bathrobe, a laptop and a bathing suit is stronger than the desire to explore the wilderness, you'll find what you're looking for at chalet Beauséjour-227.

Soft sofas, fireplace, spa, video consoles, pool and ping-pong tables, darts... you can easily spend the weekend at the cottage (doing nothing) without feeling any remorse! True peace of mind!

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Cottage, Paddle Board and Vineyards with your dog in the Laurentides!

The Laurentides are probably the most popular destination for Quebecers when it comes to renting a cottage, and it's not difficult to understand why!

With its lakes, mountains, national parks and vast forests, the Laurentides region has everything to seduce city dwellers looking to get away for a weekend... or for a season! If there is no shortage of cottages to rent, renting a cottage with your dog is a whole different story.

Auberge Norbert is the oldest house in the Laurentians and you can stay there with your dog!

The Laurentians are a great place to enjoy nature with your dog: not only will your canine companion be accepted in many establishments, but he will be very welcome!

Swimming with your Dog

The whole family should be able to enjoy the joys of summer, including Fido! At Lake Jerome Nature Park, this is not a problem. You can practice your crawl in peace with your dog (and the rest of the family). Plus, access to the park is free!

A well-deserved refreshment at the Lake Jérôme Nature park!

Paddle Boarding with your dog

Did you know that you can discover the Lac de la Montagne, in the Upper Laurentians, by paddle boarding with your dog? The Montagne du Diable regional Park, in Ferme-Neuve, allows you to challenge the lake with your dog! You don't have a boat? No problem! You can rent a paddle board, a canoe or a kayak on site!

Everyone can enjoy the water at The Montagne du Diable regional Park!

Visiting a Vineyard with your dog

Having a dog with you often limits the types of visits you can plan. If you're a wine and beer lover, you'll be happy to know that you can visit Les Vents d'Ange Winery in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac with your four-legged best friend!

Since dogs are allowed outside the buildings, you can enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer (the winery is also a microbrewery) in the sun while your dog sniffs new smells! Plus, there are picnic tables set up all over the property!

Your dog can learn about wine making with you at the Les Vents d'Ange Winery!

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Cottage, swimming and hiking with your dog in the Eastern Townships!

The Eastern Townships is a region that does not lack attractions when it comes time to escape for a weekend at the cottage with your dog! Lakes, rivers, mountains, nature, terroir, culture: the Eastern Townships promise a well-deserved break from the hectic pace of city life!

Chalet Appalaches-1 welcomes dogs (and up to 10 people to accompany them)

Located in Austin (Quebec, not Texas), Appalaches-1 is an ideal base for visiting the Eastern Townships! Just a few minutes from Lake Memphremagog (and its many beaches), Abbaye Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, downtown Magog and Mount Orford, let's just say that there is no shortage of options for your dog to enjoy the Eastern Townships!

At the beach with your dog

If you're visiting the Eastern Townships in the summer, you won't want to miss the dog-friendly Cantons Beach, located right next to Appalaches-1 cottage. This means that your dog will be able to perfect his tan while admiring the majestic Lake Memphremagog!

Dogs can enjoy the water of Lake Memphremagog at the Townships Beach!
If you're visiting the Eastern Townships in the summer, you won't want to miss the dog-friendly Cantons Beach, located right next to Appalaches-1 cottage. This means that your dog will be able to perfect his tan while admiring the majestic Lake Memphremagog!

Dogs can enjoy the water of Lake Memphremagog at the Cantons Beach

The great outdoors on the menu

The Eastern Townships region also has a lot to offer when it comes to the outdoors! Mont-Orford National Park, in the heart of the region, offers an impressive network of trails that, in summer and winter, will allow you to reconnect your dog with nature and the great outdoors!

Regardless of your skill level, you can enjoy hiking, trail running, wildlife observation, biking and a dozen other activities!

Unique cottages in the Eastern Townships

Are you looking for a unique cottage where you can get away from it all with your dog? An ecological cottage, in perfect communion with nature, with fireplace, spa and view on the mountains?

The BLOKADUPIQUANT-1 cottage, located in Racine, promises you an unforgettable experience in the middle of nature, in the Eastern Townships!

The BLOKADUPIQUANT-1  is perfect for couples or smaller groups of up to 4 people.

Perched on a hillside BLOKADUPIQUANT-1 certainly accepts dogs.

Imagine waking up in the comfort of a peaceful cottage and having your coffee while gazing at the forest and hills of the Eastern Townships!

You can rent this unit starting at 165$ per night, the BLOKADUPIQUANT-1 is particularly adorable!

Cottage, Honey and Bison with your Dog in Lanaudière

Lanaudière, a region that sometimes seems to live in the shadow of the Laurentians, has a lot to offer to nature lovers accompanied by their favourite partner!

Surrounded by nature and waterways, Lanaudière is the perfect destination for your escape from the city! In addition to offering luxurious, modern and affordable cottages, Lanaudière is located very close to Montreal, which means you can easily go there for a short weekend stay!

The Villabianca-1 cottage can accommodate up to 8 people for as little as $196/night!

Situated at Sainte-Béatrix, the chalet Villabianca-1 is well anchored in the natural and peaceful setting of Lanaudière!

With its sauna and jacuzzi, Villabianca-1 is the perfect example of adorable luxury!

Lakefront cottage in Lanaudiere

Are you looking for a cottage to rent on the lake that accepts dogs? The Designpur-1 cottage is probably exactly what you need! Starting at $280/night and able to accommodate 8 guests in all comfort, you won't have to break your piggy bank to spend memorable moments as a couple, with family or friends!

Designed to offer absolute relaxation, the Designpur-1 cottage accepts dogs!

With its spa, its outdoor fireplace, its private dock on Lake Clermoustier, the Designpur-1 cottage has all the assets of a self-respecting lake cottage, and even more!

The Designpur-1 chalet has a private dock on an envrionmental-friendly lake!

Unusual visits with your dog

Of course, Lanaudière offers a wide range of activities to enjoy with your dog! While there are dozens of hiking options, other rather unusual activities are also accessible to dogs!

Miellerie Miel de Chez-nous, Sainte-Mélanie

Is your dog interested in everything that moves? Let's bet that the bees at the Miel de Chez-nous honey factory will pique his curiosity!

On the menu: a visit of the facilities, a walk on the estate and a visit of the mini-farm. Of course, a detour to the boutique is a must, just to bring back a few finds as a souvenir!

Fine honey based products can be found at Miel de Chez-nous

La Terre des Bisons, Rawdon

In Rawdon, La Terre des Bisons is a bison and elk farm that accepts canine visitors! Not only are dogs allowed on the site, they can also tour the farm! This will arouse their curiosity about these big and intriguing animals!

In addition, there is a trail on the property where you can stretch your legs! Finally, the on-site boutique will allow you to find something to grill on the barbecue when you return to the cottage!

Your dog will certainly be very interested in the bisons of the Terre des Bisons!

Chalet, harness sports and coffee with your dog in Mont-Tremblant

Although the Mont-Tremblant region is part of the Laurentians, it is a destination in its own right, with its own attractions and wide range of activities. Well-known to skiers, Mont-Tremblant is a great option for outdoor enthusiasts with dogs.

Log cabin for dogs (and their owners) in Mont-Tremblant

When you think of a cottage, nothing strikes your fancy more than a log cabin : warmth, nature, authenticity, relaxation and good times!

Comfort, indoor (and outdoor) fireplace and spa at the cottage Sequoia-1165

Harnessing sports with your dog

Want to develop your complicity with your dog? Tandem Sports Attelés Mont-Tremblant offers a variety of activities to practice with your dog in order to improve Fido's skills (and yours)!

Cani-cross, snowshoeing and biking, depending on the season, will allow you to have a good time with your companion while burning calories!

Have coffee with your dog

Summer and winter, dogs are allowed on the terrace of the café-bistro Au Grain de Café

Would you like to have a quiet coffee in Mont-Tremblant village with your dog? The café-bistro Au Grain de Café offers a nice terrace, open all year round, where dogs are allowed (and even get a cookie and a bowl of water).

No matter where you plan to go and what kind of activities you want to do, don't leave your dog behind! Dog-friendly cottages are available to ensure you have a great time!