Mont-Tremblant's Log Cabins

Date: September 6th 2019
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Log cabins have been popular for hundreds of years. Today, they are ubiquitous in many parts of the world, but at one time they were more common in cold-climate countries. After all, dense forests offered a large quantity of wood that could be used in construction, and winter storms forced people to own a solid, waterproof property.

It was often for lack of money that cottages or houses were left in logs: it was very expensive to cover the interior and exterior walls with other materials. In the 20th century, as fewer properties were being built in logs, there was a craze for the antique style that log architecture had. Today, the appreciation for logs is as strong as ever! If you have never had the chance to stay in a beautiful antique-style cottage, rejoice, because we have two picturesque properties available in a location that suits them perfectly: Mont-Tremblant!

Where : Lac Supérieur (Mont-Tremblant)
Price per night : Starting at 350 $
Can accommodate up to 10 people

Where : Lac Supérieur (Mont-Tremblant)
Price per night : Starting at 350 $
Can accommodate up to 10 people

Here are two luxurious open-plan cottages that will charm you with their long rounded logs that form the interior walls. The vast majority of the surfaces of these cottages are made of wood, reminiscent of period cottages. The modern furnishings will give you the impression of staying in an ancestral cottage, but the accessories allow you to live as you would in your home.

Both chalets are located about 10 minutes from Mont-Tremblant where you can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities. In the winter, you can ski, snowshoe and snowmobile while in the summer you can hike, kayak, fish and even horseback ride! Then, with the many amenities of our two cottages, you can gather in front of their respective fireplaces or spas. The television rooms, where you can enjoy movie marathons, and the play areas (including a foosball table) will help you create unforgettable memories of your stay. The outdoor fireplaces will give you a direct view of the many conifers that make up the forest, a view that, in winter, will offer you a most magical spectacle!

In Winter
· Climb the mountain on cross-country skis or snowshoes;
· Go ice climbing for 3 hours;
· Ice fishing and skating;
· Go on a dog sledding trip.

In Summer
· Visit the Falconer's Apprentice where you can roost with a trained falcon;
· Canoeing, kayaking, wakeboarding or rafting directly on the Rouge River or the Diable River, which are located directly in the National Park
· Do a 3 hour rock climbing course (children over 5 years old are allowed!);
· A 2-hour tree climbing course

· Lasertag
· Go to the Mont-Tremblant Casino;
· Engage in a battle with friends at the Paintball centre;
· Enjoy the spa and massage centres;
· Experience an immersion in virtual reality.

We wish you an excellent stay at Mont-Tremblant; one of the most beautiful mountains in Quebec!