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Date: May 7th 2021

Experience the Marée Basse residence located in the heart of Cap-à-l'Aigle in Charlevoix. Cleverly positioned and designed into two connected units, the residence, whose first floor is covered with large windows, make those who sojourn here witness Earth's full rotation around the Sun.

Offering a striking panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River, from both inside and outside, "The Marée Basse" chalet offers an architecture punctuated by the relief of the Charlevoix region. Entirely covered in cedar shingles, the house benefits from this distinctive feature that combines texture and light.

One cannot miss the large red spiral staircase, which not only tints the space with an unsettling singularity, but also acts as an anchor to the property. In fact, whether you're in the kitchen or the living room, this ubiquitous element is in stark contrast to the rest of the house and will occupy your field of vision at all times. Like the exterior cladding of the residence, the ceiling on the main floor is made of cedar. This contemporary feature adds a sought-after length to the property.

At first glance, the building does not appear to house such large spaces. However, the opposite is only waiting to be seen. In fact, a few steps inside this house are enough to be a spectator of its grandeur. Spanning 3200 square feet and offering an impressive 2000 square feet of terrace, "The Marée Basse" has four bedrooms and two bathrooms that can comfortably accommodate up to eight people.

Available for rent on the MonsieurChalets website, you are only a few clicks away from a relaxing stay in this sumptuous modern home that honors Quebec's know-how.