25 chalet rentals near Montreal

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There are many cottages for rent within an hour's drive of the city. To make your search easier, MonsieurChalets has listed the best cottage rentals near Montreal. With no less than 1.7 million inhabitants, Montreal is the largest city in Quebec.

chalet near montreal

1. Mökki-22 | Architectural Cottage in the Laurentians

cottage for rent

📍Where: La Conception, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 4 people, 2 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: Starting at 325$/night

Mökki-22 is an intimate two-bedroom cottage surrounded by lush vegetation. The chalet promises an experience where calm and relaxation are the order of the day. You can enjoy the large terrace at cocktail hour, then end the evening in the spa. Located near Mont-Tremblant, this La Conception chalet is a one-hour drive from Montreal.

2. The BOHO SKI | Rustic cottage with a bohemian feel

LE BOHO SKI | Chalet rustique au penchant bohème

📍 Where: Lac-Supérieur, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 8 people, 6 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: Starting at 415$/night

If you are a fan of eclectic design, this cottage is definitely for you! Rustic on the outside, this chalet looks like it was the location for a 70's TV show. Ideal for 8 people, this ski chalet located in Lac-Supérieur stands out thanks to its colorful furniture.

3. GRAND-DUC | Lakeside luxury chalet

📍 Where: Lanaudière, Saint-Côme

🛏️ Lodging: 8 people, 4 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: Starting at 285$/night

Nestled by Lake Lili, the Grand-Duc chalet captivates with its glass facade, blending outdoor serenity with indoor comfort. The well-furnished exterior, complete with a spa and private dock, invites relaxation. Inside, a playful foosball table and a conducive workspace await, promising both fun and productivity amidst a picturesque lakeside backdrop.

4. WHITEWOLF-33 | Beautiful Cottage at Domaine Fiddler

📍 Where: Laurentians, Mille Isles

🛏️ Lodging: 12 people, 7 beds, 3 bathrooms

💰 Rate: from $450/night

At Fiddler Lake Domain, reserve Whitewolf-33, a large log cabin for the whole family. Set on a vast 60,000 square foot lot, the cottage's rustic style will charm you from the moment you arrive. On site, facilities such as a spa, an in-ground pool and a sauna are at your exclusive disposal. Accommodating up to 12 people, this is the ideal cottage to host a family reunion the right way.

5. LE-GRAND-LODGE | Waterfront cottage

📍 Where: Laurentians, Saint-D'Adolphe d'Howard

🛏️ Lodging: 16 people, 12 beds, 3 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 475$/night

The Grand Lodge, nestled in the serene Laurentides, is a haven of peace accommodating 16 guests. With its cozy ambiance, rustic decor, and a private beach, it's the perfect getaway for family or friend gatherings. Every nook is designed for comfort, entertainment, and appreciating the surrounding nature.

6. SPAHAUS-126 | Prestigious Scandinavian Chalet

SPAHAUS-126 | Chalet à louer Laurentides

📍 Where: Laurentians, Lac Supérieur

🛏️ Lodging: 6 people, 4 beds, 1 bathroom

💰 Rate: Starting at 550$/night

Inspired by Scandinavian constructions, this modern chalet near Mont-Tremblant is the perfect place to escape from Montreal and return with a clear head. You'll find a spa and a glass-enclosed sauna inside. Your Spahaus-126 reservation includes access to Club de la Pointe, which lends paddle boards, kayaks and canoes for the duration of your stay!

7. A-FRAME-DU-NORD | Waterfront with spa and sauna

📍 Where: Lanaudière, Sainte-Béatrix

🛏️ Lodging: 8 people, 4 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 325$/night

Escape to the quaint A-Frame Du Nord chalet in serene Sainte-Béatrix, Lanaudière. Overlooking calm waters, this luxurious haven is equipped with a spa, a sauna offering panoramic views, and cozy fire spots. Whether you're grilling on the BBQ or unwinding by the indoor fireplace, each moment here is a step into tranquil luxury, making it a perfect getaway for families or couples seeking a peaceful retreat amid nature

8. RUSTIKA | Prestigious Rustic Cottage

📍 Where: Lac-Supérieur, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 10 people, 7 beds, 4 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 530$/night

If the name suggests it, it goes without saying that Rustika promises a rustic experience. Close to Lac Supérieur and the north side of Mont-Tremblant, the 10-people log cabin is equipped with a hot tub and a lovely deck to enjoy an aperitif.

9. TREMBLANT-VERSANT-NORD | Superb Chalet Near the Ski Slopes

TREMBLANT-VERSANT-NORD | Magnifique chalet en bois en pleine nature des Laurentides

📍 Where: Lac-Supérieur, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 10 people, 5 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: Starting at 530$/night

Surrounded by dense vegetation, the Tremblant-Versant-Nord chalet is a true haven of peace. Only 1 hour from Montreal, it's the perfect destination to take a break from your hectic lifestyle. With a spa offering a breathtaking view of Mont-Tremblant and a sauna, what are you waiting for (seriously)?

10. ZENHOUSE-4 | Zen Cottage-feel with Sauna and Jacuzzi

📍 Where: Morin-Heights, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 12 people, 5 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: Starting at 800$/night

New construction in Morin-Heights, the Zenhouse-4 blends in so well with its environment that it looks like it has been there for centuries. In addition to having a sleek design that promotes relaxation, the cottage features a sauna, spa, pool and outdoor fireplace.

11. LYNX-29 | Very Big Cottage Near Montreal

LYNX-29 | Chalet à louer avec spa Laurentides

📍 Where: Wentworth, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 18 people, 9 beds, 3 bathrooms

💰 Rate: Starting at $895/night

Book this chalet with multiple facilities, only 1 hour from Montreal, then close to many tourist attractions. With room for 18 travellers, the chalet is perfectly suited for groups with its 5 bedrooms, pool table, large common areas and outdoor spa.

12. CAP-DE-ROCHE | Modern Chalet with Jacuzzi

📍 Where: Chertsey, Lanaudière

🛏️ Lodging: 8 people, 4 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 360$/night

Located within the Bel Air Tremblant Resort, the Le-Tremblant chalet is ideal for a vacation with family or friends. Inside and out, everything is designed for your comfort. Find a spa, a foosball table, then the Bel Air Tremblant facilities: tennis court, workout room, a pool and more.

13. LE-HAUT-FOND | Sustainable chalet

📍 Where: Rawdon, Lanaudière

🛏️ Lodging: 9 people, 6 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 440$/night

Discover a haven of nature at Le Haut-Fond, just over an hour from Montreal. Nestled within a centenary forest, these sustainably designed chalets boast a blend of smart design and minimalism. Perfect for late-night dinners and cozy stove-side naps, they promise a soothing escape, rekindling a harmonious bond with the great outdoors.

14. NEST | Superb chalet at Domaine Chic Shack

THE-NEST | Laurentides | 6 personnes

📍 Where: La Conception, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 6 people, 3 beds, 1 bathroom

💰 Rate: starting at 300$/night

Explore the fabulous Domaine Chic Shack, a favourite destination of the winners of Occupation Double, by renting the Nest chalet. The secluded chalet is direct access to nature, close to the metropolis. Mont-Tremblant is only a 15-minute drive away, while other activities like hiking and snowmobile trails are within walking distance of the chalet

15. LE-CHÊNE-BLANC | Eclectic Cottage on the Waterfront

LE-CHÊNE-BLANC | Lanaudière | 14 personnes

📍 Where: Lanaudière, Entrelacs

🛏️ Lodging: 12 people, 7 beds, 1 bathroom

💰 Rate: from 400$/night

Behind this extraordinary cottage are hard-working cabinetmakers, architects and designers. Even more impressive, every detail of this waterfront cottage was designed to maximize the amount of light that enters. From the cathedral ceiling to the built-in outdoor hot tub to the private dock to access the lake, it's all there for an unforgettable stay.

16. THE SNÖ | Ski and spa luxury cottage

📍 Where: Lanaudière, Saint-Côme

🛏️ Lodging: 6 people, 4 beds, 1 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 329$/night

Nestled near Val St-Côme ski resort, Le Snö is a modern, Scandinavian-style chalet in Matawinie, Lanaudière. This cozy haven offers a blend of rustic charm and modern comforts, ideal for those seeking a serene escape amidst nature's beauty​

17. CHALET-DES-CIMES | Chalet Nestled Between Lake and Mountain

CHALET-DES-CIMES | Magnifique demeure nichée entre lac et montagne

📍 Where: Lac-Supérieur, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 8 people, 5 beds, 3 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 540$/night

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Lac Équerre from a chalet nestled in the mountains near Mont-Tremblant. Perfect for a ski or outdoor stay, Chalet-des-Cimes is close to the slopes, La Fourche du Diable trail and Domaine St-Bernard. After a long day outdoors, you can enjoy the spa and fireplaces found at the chalet.

18. DESIGNPUR-1 | Minimalist Cottage on the Waterfront

CHALET DESIGNPUR-1 | Chalet à louer Lanaudière

📍 Where: Lanaudière, Chertsey

🛏️ Lodging: 8 people, 4 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 390$/night

With its modern and sleek design, the Designpur-1 chalet is located on the shores of Lake Clermoustier. Surrounded by vegetation, the chalet offers a breathtaking view of the lake from its southern facade. Spacious and comfortable, the cottage with a spa near Montreal is perfect for a short getaway in the wilderness.

 19. CHARDONNAY | Farmhouse cottage in Chertsey

📍 Where: Lanaudière, Chertsey

🛏️ Lodging: 10 people, 5 beds, 3 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 622$/night

Discover the luxurious Chalet Chardonnay in Chertsey, Lanaudière, a stone's throw from Montreal. This farmhouse-style retreat is a haven of tranquility, offering modern comforts amidst rustic charm. With cozy lounges, an outdoor spa, and the serene woodland backdrop, it's a picturesque escape, promising unforgettable moments in any season.

20. ÖLCH-223 | Cozy Scandinavian Cottage

OLCH-223 | Micro-cabine moderne près du Mont-Tremblant

📍 Where: La Conception, Laurentians

🛏️ Lodging: 6 people, 3 beds, 1 bathroom

💰 Rate: starting at 440$/night

Built on stone, this tree-lined chalet offers breathtaking views of the mountains and surrounding nature, from both inside and out. Just ten minutes from Mont-Tremblant and an hour from Montreal, Chalet Ölch-233 has 3 bedrooms, a spa and a central fireplace.

21. LE-GRAND-FAMILIAL | Old-Fashioned Inn for Gatherings

📍 Where: Orford, Eastern Townships

🛏️ Lodging: 10 people, 6 beds, 4 bathrooms

💰 Rate: Starting at 500$/night

Designed to accommodate large groups, this chalet, reminiscent of an old-fashioned inn, meets hotel standards. It features open spaces that encourage gatherings and reunions. Accommodating up to 10 travelers, the chalet has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The cottage is close to Parc National du Mont Orford, so it's the perfect place to go hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking and downhill skiing.

22. LE-BELVEDERE-DES-CANTONS | Superb Cottage near Bromont

LE-BELVEDERE-DES-CANTONS | Chalet à louer avec spa Estrie

📍 Where: Shefford, Eastern Townships

🛏️ Lodging: 10 people, 6 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 660$/night

Newly built, this chalet offers a modern take on vintage farmhouses. With a spectacular view of the Bromont ski resort, this chalet near Montreal can accommodate up to 10 travellers with its 5 spacious bedrooms. Enjoy the hot tub, indoor fireplace as well as outdoor fireplace, on a weekend with friends or family in the chalet.

23. FORESTRIA | Large Corporate Chalet

FORESTRIA | Chalet à louer avec spa Estrie

📍 Where: Mansonville, Eastern Townships

🛏️ Lodging: 16 people, 9 beds, 3 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at $710/night

The Forestria is a newly built chalet, located only 10 minutes from the beautiful Owl's Head ski mountain. Perfect for a corporate reunion of sorts, or a shoulder-to-shoulder lake, this chalet features 5 bedrooms, large open spaces and internet access. On-site, you'll find a fireplace, hot tub and even a pool table!

24. LE-SUPÉRIEUR | Large Cottage in the heart of the Eastern Townships

LE-SUPERIEUR | Magnifique chalet moderne à louer dans les Cantons-de-l'Est

📍 Where: Shefford, Eastern Townships

🛏️ Lodging: 16 people, 7 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at 715$/night

Rediscover the magnificent Eastern Townships region by renting, with family or friends, the Le-Supérieur chalet. Directly located on the L'Estriade bicycle path, the chalet is close to numerous boutiques, restaurants, vineyards and the Bromont ski resort. The chalet is very large and can comfortably accommodate 16 people. There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

25. APPALACHES-1 | Cozy cottage near Owl's Head

APPALACHES-1 | Propriété en montagne offrant une vue sur Orford

📍 Where: Austin, Eastern Townships

🛏️ Lodging: 10 people, 5 beds, 2 bathrooms

💰 Rate: starting at $490/night

Set on 3 acres of forest, Appalaches-1 is the ultimate destination for skiers. The chalet near Montreal is located 5 minutes from Orford and 15 minutes from Owl's Head. Very warm and bright, pets are welcome in this chalet that can accommodate up to 10 travellers and has a year-round spa.

Cabin rentals near Montreal

Whether you want to escape the potholes, take a vacation, or telecommute in a more relaxing environment, there are many reasons to choose a cottage rental near your home. It's not surprising that the demand for cottages for rent near the metropolis is literally exploding.

Whether the wind takes you to the Eastern Townships, Lanaudière or the Laurentians, the list of cottages for rent near Montreal is long.

Including price, the number of travellers and activities to do near the cottage, this list includes condos, houses and cottages for rent, all within about a 1-hour drive from Montreal.

And that's it!

You've just browsed the list of 25 cottages for rent near Montreal! But don't worry, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only in Montreal, but it is also possible to find cottages, condos, houses and even mansions for rent all over the province. Visit the MonsieurChalets website to discover them, and who knows, find your next vacation destination in Quebec!

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