Zoobox : 18 ecological and fun cottages in the Eastern Townships

Date: May 21st 2021
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Looking for the perfect place to regroup this summer while respecting sanitary measures? Over the past few weeks, the MonsieurChalets team has worked tirelessly to bring you 18 small cottages for rent in the Eastern Townships that are both ecological and fun.

For lovers of the outdoors and water sports, it is impossible to be disappointed. Zoobox units are located only a few minutes from the magnificent Parc National du Mont-Orford, but also near Lake Memphremagog and Lake Brome.

Whether or not you've stayed in a rental cabin before, when you do, it will certainly be the features of the Zoobox cabins that will grab your attention. With features that are both fun and efficient, all Zooboxes seem designed to fit the minimalist lifestyle of climbers.

Wall Climbing with harness and pocket set

This is a climbing wall in a chalet. Each Zoobox unit is equipped with a climbing wall. A simple tour of the premises will probably be enough to make you believe you are inside a real fun center that is suitable for both adults and children. Also, thanks to the bay windows that all Zooboxes are equipped with, you can climb from your living room while enjoying the fresh air. In addition to the climbing walls, the units all include a set of pockets and a fireman's ramp that leads to the mezzanine, where there is a large bed.

Pulley Retractable Suspended Bed

When you arrive, you may be surprised to see only one bed on the mezzanine. However, this is not the case, as the second bed is simply well hidden in the creative decor of the Zoobox units. The more discerning may quickly find it by scanning the space, only to find that it is suspended from the ceiling. Removable thanks to a pulley and belt system, this suspended bed provides impressive space savings for Zoobox units. Once on the ceiling, it is possible to transform the sleeping space into a dining room with a view of the lush forest in which all the units of the domain are immersed.

Possibility to bring your most loyal friend

Have you often searched for a cottage that can accommodate your pet and never found anything? By booking a stay in Zoobox, this will not be a problem! Among the 18 nature shelters available for rent on the MonsieurChalets website, 11 of them can accommodate your favourite furry friend. To reserve a Zoobox unit that accepts dogs, simply look for the small symbol with a dog circled on it.

Energy Generating Bicycle

Here we come to a very interesting characteristic of these 18 units located in the Eastern Townships. Their self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency is the ability of a group or individual to provide their own energy needs. The Zoobox units are all equipped with stationary bicycles that generate energy and thus meet the criteria of self-sufficiency.

Portable tub and outdoor shower powered by rainwater

Always in the spirit of getting out of the ordinary, each of the Zoobox lofts in nature is equipped with a mobile bath and a shower fed with rainwater. Supported by small wheels, the one-unit bath can be moved anywhere you like inside, but also outside on the balcony. Have you ever enjoyed a comforting bath on your balcony while listening to the birds singing? If not, this is the perfect opportunity! Also, if you prefer a shower to a bath, it is also possible to take a refreshing shower on the Zoobox balcony. Fun fact: the showers are powered by rainwater!

Visit the MonsieurChalets website now, to see more pictures of the Zooboxes and to book your stay in the unit that best suits your minimalist nature getaway in the heart of the beautiful Vertendre domain.