8 guests

6 beds

2 bathrooms

CHALETDESMONTS-1220 | Cottage rental Mauricie

Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Maskinongé, Mauricie, Québec




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The warm Chalet des Monts perfectly combines the comfort of a modern house and the wild aspect of a chalet in the forest. Located surrounded by nature, bordered by the mountain on one side and by the Sacacomie River on the other, this chalet will satisfy outdoor lovers. Treat yourself to a comfortable and rejuvenating stay. Fall asleep letting yourself be lulled by the sweet harmonies of the forest and the river. The Chalet can comfortably accommodate 8 people and 10 using the sofa bed! Rooms There are 3 rooms that can accommodate 8 people in total. There are 4 queen beds in total and a sofa bed (located in the dining room) Master bedroom Located upstairs 1 queen bed Sogetel television with receiver Secondary room on the ground floor 2 queen beds Large room on the ground floor 2 queen beds Sofa bed Located in the dining room Bedding in the drawer under the sofa bed Use double bed bedding Can accommodate 2 people Upstairs bathroom In the upstairs bathroom there is a freestanding bath, shower, and washer/dryer The floor is radiant and the control is near the front door Downstairs bathroom The downstairs bathroom has a shower, toilet, sink Toilet paper, towels, flat iron, hair dryer, curling iron Dining room: Can accommodate 10 people by adding the side table (behind the sofa bed) There are 8 chairs. You can complete with the chairs in the rooms downstairs There is a rocking chair with Obus Forme massage cushion The floor is radiant and the control is on the wall near the entrance Upstairs lounge: 3 double chairs plus a loveseat with slow-burning stove and television Heat pump with remote control (air conditioning) Televisions 1 in the living room downstairs 1 in the master bedroom with Sogetel receiver 1 in the main lounge upstairs with Sogetel receiver Equipments Appliances (stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave) you will find in the cabinets tableware, cooking tools and small appliances. Small oven and steak knives 2 electric fondue pans for 8 people Keurig coffee maker and 10 pods offered free of charge Filter coffee maker Espresso coffee maker Bodums Teapot 16 Water glasses 12 white or red wine glasses 8 fondue plates 18 large plates 6 medium plates 9 small plates 5 medium bowls 13 small bowls Different lightbulbs and batteries for flashlights Salt & pepper A spice rack (26 types) and two sharp knives for cooking Different water pots Different beer bucks and shot glasses and plastic glasses Salad bowl and pasta bowl Recipe books Serving bowl for vegetables and dipping sauce Different trash bags and other Different ziplock bags, aluminum foil, saran-wrap etc 1 large Paderno wok style pot with daisy and glass lid 1 large pot with handle on each side and lid 1 Lagostina medium pot with daisy pot and lid 1 medium Meyer pot with lid 1 small Lagostina pot with lid 1 Large Heritage non-stick skillet with glass handle and lid 1 Hamilton Beach programmable slow cooker 1 large Lagostina white skillet 3 medium frying pans 1 small skillet 1 dough roller 1 baking sheet for a pancake Set of 10 utensils (50 pcs) Bottle opener, box opener and various knives Different bread knives Skewer sticks Different whips Brushes, potato masher Pizza cutter Spatulas and other tools Measuring spoons Oven mittens and oven handles Charcoal Utensils Various fasteners and clips Salad spinner Baking dishes Ice bucket Different Pyrex dishes Glass bowls and measuring cups Pasta drainer Cheese grater Rotisserie Le Creuset Cauldron Different baking sheets and plates for the oven Alluminium plates Pizza plate On-site activities Footpath behind the cottage Snowshoeing trail behind the cottage Access to the Sacacomie River Equipment available 8 pairs of snowshoes (various sizes) 8 pairs of sticks 8 orange bibs 8 headlamps 30A outlet for recreational vehicle Nearby Activities Relaxation activity (Massage and spa) Outdoors and nature Restaurants and microbreweries

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Access to water
By a river
Air conditioning
Bed linens
Drying machine
Hot water
Indoor fireplace
Potable water
Toilet paper


Open room #1


1 Sofa bed

Room #1


1 Queen bed

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11:00 AM

Must climb stairs


Minimum age to rent: 25

Suitable for children (2-12 years)

Suitable for babies (under 2 years old)

Pets allowed

Smoking is not allowed inside

Cancellation policy


Cancellations made within 24 hours of booking confirmation can be canceled free of charge.

Cancellations made more than 60 days before the arrival date at the cottage will result in the loss of 10% of the total reservation amount as damages.

Cancellations made more than 30 days before the arrival date at the cottage will result in the loss of the booking deposit (30% of the total reservation amount) as damages.

Cancellations made less than 30 days before the arrival date at the cottage will result in the loss of all amounts received so far (100% of the total reservation amount). Only the security deposit for breakage and damage will be refunded to tenants.

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