Cottages to Rent for 30 People

Getting together with loved ones is what we've been wanting for months, isn't it? Give yourself the chance to stay in one of the most luxurious cottage in Quebec. MonsieurChalets offers a great selection of prestigious cottages tor rent that can accommodate up to 30 guests. A cottage that can accommodate 30 people is ideal for Christmas or New Year's Eve. Also, the good news is that cottages for 30 people can be found everywhere across Quebec. Whether you are from Montreal, Quebec City, or even Ontario, you will surely discover a cabin near you! The 30-person cottages include everything you need to accommodate your 30-people group. You will find in these cabins a hot tub, a sauna, a dartboard, a large yard, a fireplace, and a large living room!

BLANC-9A | Chalet à louer 30 personnes à Stonehamà partir de$1243 CAD /nuit
LEPETIT-M  | Chalet corporatif à louer Charlevoixà partir de$930 CAD /nuit
SKIEURS-11 | Chalet à louer avec spaà partir de$1060 CAD /nuit
SKIEURS-40 | Chalet de ski à louerà partir de$1395 CAD /nuit
STONEHAMCHALET | Chalet à louer avec montagne de skià partir de$895 CAD /nuit