Cabin Rentals Mauricie

Find the perfect cottage for you and your family! Amazing cabins that can accommodate up to 14 people are located in Mauricie. Near Mauricie's National Park, it is a great place to find peace while enjoying the outdoors for a week-end! Designed for both large and small groups, renting a cottage in the Mauricie is ideal for everyone. Close to Montreal and Quebec City, you won't have to choose between Charlevoix and the Laurentians! Finding a cottage is often difficult and requires many hours of research. Sites like Airbnb and VRBO offer too many unavailable or too expensive options. At MonsieurChalets, we have a team that will guide you through the entire rental process.

Things to Do Mauricie

  • Visit amazing parks adapted to people with limited mobility
  • Canoeing
  • Canyoning

  • Dog Sledding

  • Geocaching

CABINE-C42 | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$70 CAD /nuit
CABINE-C43 | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$70 CAD /nuit
CHALETDESMONTS-1220 | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$315 CAD /nuit
CHALEUREUX-480 | Mauricie | Chalet en bois rond au bord du lacà partir de$399 CAD /nuit
FLODHAUS | Mauricie | Luxueux chalet avec spaà partir de$975 CAD /nuit
LA-LOUVE | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$265 CAD /nuit
LE-COUVREUR-DES-BOIS | Chalets à louer avec spa en Mauricieà partir de$300 CAD /nuit
LE-MAVRICK | Chalet de luxe avec spa à louer en Lanaudiereà partir de$300 CAD /nuit
YACHT CLUB 2 - TROIS-RIVIÈRES | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$309 CAD /nuit
MAMMOUTH-425 | Chalet à louer en Mauricieà partir de$350 CAD /nuit
MANOIR DES FORGES | Grand Chalet corporatif à louer en Mauricieà partir de$2500 CAD /nuit
MICRO-REFUGE-A12 | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$155 CAD /nuit
MICRO-REFUGE-A7 | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$165 CAD /nuit
MICRO-REFUGE-A9 | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$140 CAD /nuit
OURS-NOIR | Chalet à louer au bord de l'eau en Mauricieà partir de$700 CAD /nuit
ST-MAURICE-1040 | Chalet à louer Mauricieà partir de$1000 CAD /nuit

Cabin Rentals Mauricie

Spending time in the great outdoors, while having the chance to warm up in front of a crackling fireplace in the evening, that's what a cabin is all about! By renting a cottage near you, you will have the unique opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones, family and friends. Renting a cottage in the wilderness is a great opportunity to enjoy nature in its raw state while being able to take refuge in the comfort of a rustic cottage in the evening.

The Mauricie is home to many outdoor enthusiasts!

It's hard to find where to begin, there is so much to say about Mauricie. The Visiting Mauricie is a magnificent region where you can discover beautiful beaches, mountains offering magnificent views, and navigable rivers. In fact, in the space of a short stay in the Mauricie region, you will be able to carry out superb stimulating activities in the heart of nature. During your stay, why not go on an excursion to La Mauricie National Park? You will have the opportunity to spot wild animals that are not usually found in urban areas. Don't be surprised if you see a moose or a deer while hiking. La Mauricie National Park offers many activities such as kayaking, canoeing, hiking, lodging, swimming, camping and more! Did you know that La Mauricie National Park covers an area of 536 square kilometers? That's a lot to discover!